Magia negra


I, Andrey Balaban (mage Amanar), can solve your problem with witchcraft and Black Magic, when you already lost hope and don’t believe in your own strengths . You can appeal to me just right now . I will check your situation, it can be a question of family or job, or business , or of close and beloved persons .

I will get with methods of prophesy Magic what happened with you and how I can help you in best way . We will check your problem together and will decide what exactly result you need and how to reach it in best way, for keeping the secret all and keep of bad consequences .

I will start to help you in closest time after you appeal to me. I will use all that possible for fastest result . During the work I will be in contact with you , to check all situation and how is going solution of your problem .
You can have personal appointment with me or you can reach me on distance , with e-mail or by phone .

I need pictures and names of you and all other persons who involved in your problem . I some situations I need something with clothes of person or hairs. About all that things we can discuss in advance , before I started work . If I already started to work with you , you can do not worry about result . I put a finish to all that I do

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Love magic

Magia negra


The love spell on the first place contains restoration of earlier lost feelings or creation new as those. Often happens that having lived many years with one person, family life becomes a habit in which and it’s have no already romanticism and love. And there is a wish to return the past and anew love into whirlpool of passion.

Here the love spell will help. It will return love feelings to your relations and will force the husband or the wife to look in you eyes with love. It can help to keep a family and to eliminate the possible competitor or the mistress. The love usually doesn’t disappear if it already was. It simply falls asleep under oppression of the ordinary.

Charm against love addiction as destructive part of love magic, will allow you to lull love to the person. Happens also such situation that you can fall in love and understand that anyway you cannot be with that person .
The reason can what be convenient — the person is married, he has children, he madly loves another, he is very far from you and you cannot meet him .

If you decided that it is easier for you do not fight for it, and to forget, thats
means that this charm is for you.

It is carried out on the decreasing Moon on Saturday. Usually ritual is making on water . Before going to bed you drink it and in the morning the feeling starts calming down. In couple of days you come back to the usual state.
Spell against love is different than charm against love addiction. It is aggressive magic impact on a loving or married couple against their desire. The ultimate goal is a complete destruction of the relations.

Usually this kind of magic is applied in case of a love triangle ,when the customer doesn’t wish to share the love with anybody, and the object of love didn’t decide yet with whom for him (her) it will be better to stay.

It’s carried out on the decreasing Moon. Often it’s enough only the photo of persons where they are together .It is ideal to apply of course an magic potion on the turned candles, but it is often impracticable purely physically. There is no access to their food and drink.

It is possible to work and unilaterally, causing bad feelings in one person from couple.
All this demands individual checking.

Black wedding belongs to love magic and combines in itself force of a sexual love spell, love spell and black love spell.
Charmed person is so much by you fascinated that he (she) can’t live without you anymore. This person wants only purpose you to achieve marriage on any terms.
Sometimes we can see very interesting couples when gray mouse is married with a handsome young man or on the contrary. Happens that we can see the result of black wedding.
In the same way as well as a black love spell, it is very difficult to see it and it is almost impossible to remove. I will notice that any work in skillful hands will never give negative sides.


Black love spell this powerful strong tool of love magic helping even when other love spells are powerless.
It can be, for example, when an object of a love spell finds you absolutely uninteresting or even unpleasant. Especially, if before you had to any relations together , even friendship .

Main characteristics of a black love spell:

— long action up to all life.

— very difficult process of detection and removal;

— works in those cases even if an object presently in love with other person;
— gets through magic and natural protection in most cases;

— eliminates desire of object to betray you with other potential partners;

— creates psychological dependence on «owner».

The sexual love spell is pertinent in case if you don’t plan with object of desire of any serious relations, marriage, a family, a child.
For example, you are married or he (she) is married, and you simply need the good lover or the mistress who, perhaps, as well isn’t free, but nevertheless to you it not a problem.
Then sexual love spell the most optimum decision. There will be only a high-quality good sex.

Magic of protection.

Statement of magic protection is the competent decision in advance to avoid possible damage from outside , the crime accident or planned against you, your relatives and your property.

It’s better to make a charm on the house from theft, than then to carry out work of punishment of the thief. It is simpler to put an amulet on your vehicle from accident than then repair it and prove in court to insurance Company who is right.

Magic protection also extends on live objects. Often in the ancient world charms were used to return alive and safe from war, protection against a stray bullet and in general protection against violent death, especially, if you politician or big businessman.

I am ready to check risks of your life and your property and to choose the most optimum magic protection personally for you.

The help in sale of the apartment, office, the house is often necessary to the seller who cannot sell it for a long time . Potential clients docents want to buy your property and you only lose time and money .

I advise do not postpone the address in that case until there is already nothing to rescue, and to start working right now. We will check your situation and we will find the optimum plan of the solution of your crisis.

In a case with sale the situation is simpler. It is necessary to carry out magical manipulations that exactly to attract the potential real buyer to you and so that he simply will not want to leave your real estate.

Production of amulets and charms belongs to magic of preservation and is making on a new moon. The goal is to keep that you already have, it’s life, health and your property. For example, I preserved against a stray bullet, against theft or against accident.

Production of a mascot belongs to magic of creation and becomes on the growing Moon up to a full moon. For example, a mascot for a successful marriage or a mascot for career .

For production of such artifacts it’s taking into account a place and time of your birth up to minutes. In each case everything makes individually.

скачанные файлыI am ready to listen to you , what kind of help do you need , check a situation and than to help you. Game dependence, drinking habit and drugs addiction are such things that make your life defective and kill you . We lose the health and all that surrounds us, including relatives and beloved people.

Often happens so that you aren’t able to overcome the addiction, and traditional methods also doesn’t help you. The cause is the bad essence which deeply sat down at you and isn’t going to leave. In that case only occult operation can help.

I am ready to check what exactly prevents you to live fully and in due time to carry out ritual which will relieve you of it.

Removal of the press of loneliness and wreath of a celibacy — such diagnosis make by themselves women who cannot build normal relationship.
Nevertheless, such magic influences of damage we can meet not so often, and generally it’s a destiny of the person. Not everybody can be happy .There are people who want to find a partner not their level , and it’s just almost unreal. All this needs to be checked carefully and only then already to resolve an issue of the help.

If it was love hex , I will make so that you won’t have it any more. But also it besides doesn’t mean that your private life will hammer like a fountain.
It is necessary to trace and check as on destiny is planned your private life. After all that’s not a fact that your destiny is happy. Perhaps the husband will be the despot, the loser and the alcoholic and you should bear this heavy burden.

Then further we will change your destiny as, for example, the plastic surgeon change the face . We will make a mascot for a successful marriage and for comfortable life.

I am ready to make all this during our work. Hex removal, including what the person guided at himself illiterate actions, trying to charm someone or to jinx, it is carried out in one day. Presence of the person on ritual facilitates work. As time the decreasing Moon will serve. The person has to fast days prior to work and in a week to refuse completely from alcohol.

It not games and you have to understand sorcery accurately that in appearance harmless actions you can ruin by yourself all your life. Like physically nobody feels radiation, but nevertheless this is terrible lethal weapon. It should be understood and seriously treat similar operations of occult character.

Removal of a love spell is carried out rarely. Because the person usually doesn’t get it and doesn’t ask for help. It can be or the wife who suddenly noticed that her husband is changed, or relatives which see that the person is in love with that object which never and didn’t choose actually earlier.

From outside charmed person is not complain. He loves, to him it is good, he is happy with everything. It is very difficult to define a competent love spell and it has no side effects on health or descendants of the person.
After removal of a love spell not always human life comes back to the usual course. During this time he could reconsider the values already. Perhaps he didn’t love wife anymore , and the strong love spell gave him strength to leave the dying marriage and to feel feeling of love. Therefore, if you want to remove love spell from person , think about , if it will be good for his life .

Removal of a damnation is much more difficult, than removal of hex or a malefice. Because it’s not only result of magic attack, but also a result of a damnation of the ordinary person from strong hatred, anger or offense which you caused. The damnation mentions lays deep in spiritual plans and can influence on you all your life and after it, up to next generations.

Removal of a damnation demands understanding of its essence in general. If it is received in the magic way then we will remove it. If it is created spontaneously, you need to find this person and ask for forgiveness, and then to start the process of removal.
Anyway removal of a damnation is long and serious process.

Removal of Hex can be on wax, tin, lead, that means elements of fire and water, by means of spells, plots and prayers, methods of religion and sorcery.
Depending on complexity and force of hex, and also from that how exactly it was made, the way of its removal and terms will depend. It can be one session or one month.

The first signs of hex: apathy, a breakdown, nightmares, sleeplessness. Removal of a malefice, perhaps, the most simple because it is possible to clean without special skill. The ordinary healer also will cope with it.
The malefice doesn’t imply purposeful magic attack, and there is a result of casual influence. Therefore speak in the people «crookedly he (she) looked».

It is possible to maleficiate even with usual envy to the person. The malefice is usually characterized by small failures, the increased weariness, inability normally to sleep.
The malefice, as a rule, is removed for one session and doesn’t demand special preparation.

Predictive magic

The predictive magic allows us to avoid a making mistakes , to check how many possible changes in your destiny you will get from this or that act.
For example, to you suggested to marry and it seems, everything is good. But what changes can follow from your consent or disagreement? Perhaps it is worth refusing and then in half a year you will meet the true love?
All this can be seen if in time to make a prediction of this or that situation .

Black magic

Hex is the most powerful black sorcery, which name already speaks for itself. It is a special difficult ceremony which to the master-beginner can bring personal problems, and danger of «back-hex» to the customer.
Such work is carried out from the beginning of decrease of the Moon to the Black Moon. It is night before a new moon when in the sky it isn’t visible Moon.
I will perform such work only when I understand that the person deserved this and there is no other choice to solve your problem.
At least I need the photo of the person, where this person is alone and his name. In certain cases his hair and a personal stuff . In any case the hex becomes with magic ritual proceeding from the situation.



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